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Intelligent Tooling & Moulding
- Simple solutions for complicated products

About Michael Lundbech A/S

Michael Lundbech started the company in 1999 based on his experience as a toolmaker, and a few years later, we started making tools for injection moulding.

Today Michael Lundbech A/S provides solutions for the production of plastic parts for industries that demand a high level of quality. We specialize in the production of a wide range of designs, such as components for advanced medical devices and complex industrial plastic parts.

Our end-to-end solutions include consulting, tool making and injection moulding under ISO 9001/13485.

The high level of quality is crucial

Our high level of quality is reflected in every process and in every component we manufacture.  Our proven systems and certifications ensure that we meet all specifications.

We conduct comprehensive quality checks at every stage and in everything we do. This includes testing from the first prototypes to production tooling and ongoing validated production. The result is a thoroughly tested and reliable product.

We are known for our high level of professionalism and our ability to recognise alternative connections. Our approach to production maturity means that we are constantly rethinking and improving part design. Our goal is to add as much value to your product as possible while easing the pressure on your development department during this crucial phase.

We also place particular focus on making the first prototype. The goal is always to get as close to production-like conditions as possible and create the best possible output in terms of knowledge, risk coverage and functionality. We create innovative tooling solutions that optimise the functionality of your products, increase production safety and reduce overall costs.

Collaboration and clear communication

Collaboration and clear communication are important aspects of our business philosophy, both internally and externally. Through close collaboration, we build a transparent and trusting relationship. Regular meetings ensure a deep understanding and a common goal for the project, as well as realising the full potential of your theme design.

Our working methods and organisational structure are based on flexibility, allowing us to quickly adapt to changing needs and new market demands. With a diverse range of professional competences and an efficient master mould system, we can accelerate the process from design to production, significantly minimising lead time.

Building knowledge through internal education, training and evaluation enables us to embrace the future. We do this because we recognise new opportunities and choose simple solutions for complex products.