In the picture – which was taken immediately after the end of the course – the happy employees can be seen with their course certificates. From the left you can see teacher Nina Drejer Nielsen, quality technician Thomas Wilken-Breinberg and project managers Lars Hjalager, Casper Carstensen, René Hansen and Peter Møldrup.

At Michael Lundbech A/S, it is incredibly important to us that the employees take an interest in their work and have the tools and skills to carry out the tasks.

We have just become ISO 9001:2015 certified and in this connection we have optimized the processes in the company, therefore it makes good sense to optimize our project manager’s skills and tools so that they have a wider range of solution options in their daily work.

The project managers at Michael Lundbech A/S have therefore completed a company-specific course in project management, where they have been given more tools to handle all their “caps”, such as salespeople, calculators, constructors and project managers, so that they are better equipped to give Michael Lundbech A/S’ customers the best experience.

The course was carried out at the company in collaboration with Nina Drejer Nielsen from Roskilde Tekniske Skole and was based on an existing project case from the company. The course has therefore been both developing, motivating, educational and to that extent lived up to the project managers’ expectations and requirements.

We look forward to our customers benefiting from the optimized skills and tools at Michael Lundbech A/S.

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