Injection moulding

From a few parts to a millon parts, we have perfected the art of injection moulding.

Injection Molding

We started our journey with injection moulding in 2007 where the focus was to make injection moulded prototypes. In 2017 we decided to go all the way to produce parts in a larger scale.
With this decision also came a focus on quality control and management system followed by equipment for measuring on parts
Today we have a wide range of machines installed in whiteroom facilities well equipped with robots. Different screw sizes, and tooltemps up to 180º C

We cover a range of shotweight from Micro components and up to 110 grams.


To save time and costs we offer you to use our Standard Mold Base System, which has been developed over many years and now include a wide range of configurations:
• Cold-runner, single open nozzle, valve gate and 3-plate.
• Pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical side actions
• 2 and 3-step ejection
• 1-Shot, 2-Shot and 3-Shot molding using Babyplast and Boy units

Our Mold Base system is continuously improved, and new features are added, in order to meet our customer’s needs.

Mostly we are using pre-hardened steel for the components to accommodate requirements such as type of injection, surface quality, advanced movements etc.
We have always in mind to get as close as possible to the configuration of a production tool.

High quantity of prototypes
If you would like to extend the numbers of prototypes for further development or even to go to the marked we can arrange that, then we will setup a level of quality control that fits to the product.

Long Term Production

With a full scale production facility with 9 Injection moulding machines we can offer any scale of production from a few hundred parts per year up to running production with millions of parts. We have developed a very flexible setup to be able to meet our customers expectations with very different requirements. Where needed we can setup robot takeout and automatic packing, and include inline operations if required.

We have a setup with a Production Agreement (Contract), which not only helps to align expectations, but also serves as documentation for the relationship where needed for authorities and customers. We offer a setup where service and maintenance of the tool is included in the piece part price, so that the customer gets an indefinite guarantee on the tool as long as it is in production at ML. This gives a budget security and long term cost predictability. We can do this because we have a tool shop under the same roof.

In order to reduce initial cost and lead time to market, we can utilize our ML Mould Base Systems for scale production. This means that our customers can wait with investment in larger cavitation mass production tools, because we can run production the Mould Base System for the first years. If the long term volume continues to stay low, then we can also continue to produce the Mould Base Systems. If the long term volume continues to rise, then we can build multi cavity tools in parallel with running production in the Mould Base Systems.

We have a full scale quality setup, which is explained in more detail on the next pages.