Throughout 20 years of toolmaking we have gathered experience from thousands of projects.


To save time and costs we offer you the use of our Standard Mould Base System, which has been developed over many years and now includes a wide range of configurations:
• Cold-runner, single open nozzle, valve gate and 3-plate
• Pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical side actions
• 2 and 3-step ejection
• 1-Shot, 2-Shot and 3-Shot moulding using Babyplast and Boy units

Our Mould Base system is constantly evolving, with new features being added in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Mostly, we use pre-hardened steel for the components to meet requirements such as the type of injection, surface quality, advanced movements etc.
We always aim to closely match the configuration of a production tool.

Production tools

Combining expertise in toolmaking, flow simulation and injection moulding, we construct high performance production tools.
To ensure that our tool designs meets all requirements according to part drawings and user requirement specifications (URS), we use a project milestone plan with internal reviews, risk management and checklists.
In our tool shop we produce high-quality components with a cavity surface tolerance of 3 mµ.

Polished surfaces

Our innovative CCS (Clean Cut Surface) method allows us to mill surfaces very close to high-gloss quality, minimising tensions and reducing the need for extensive hand polishing. This approach ensures both high accuracy and a polished finish.

Our tool shop also uses equipment for planar high-gloss surfaces with Face Lapping.