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Do You Face Challenges with Time to Market?

​Michael Lundbech A/S caters to suppliers of medical products, including plastic components that are

challenged by time to market and high demands on quality. 

Our expertise, flexibility and quality awareness are a strong foundation for meeting these challenges. Using an innovative approach to its projects, Michael Lundbech A/S is the preferred supplier among medical companies both nationally and internationally.

Is your process from prototype to production too long?

As a total supplier, we optimize the process between prototype and serial production.

  • We can produce prototype series down to 20 units.
  • We can produce serial volumes from 100–1,000,000 units/year.
  • We can deliver plastics in sizes from 0.01–120 grams.

Do you put high demands on tolerances?

  • We ensure a high finish on tool components and can achieve a precision finer than 3 μ.
  • Continuous investment targeting machines and equipment of the highest quality.​

​Skilled toolmakers servicing the tools

​Do you find that targeted optimization of plastic parts is necessary?

  • We optimize more than 200 different plastic parts each year.
  • We have valuable experience with injection moulding in more than 500 variations of plastic materials.
  • We work with a goal-oriented approach using Design for Manufacturability – optimization of plastics for production.

High-precision Mikron HSM 400U LP and AgieCharmilles Form 200 with a 3R robot built in between​.

Does the polishing process impair your tolerances?

  • The results of our participation in several, notable international research projects include, among other things, the trade mark registration of Clean Cut Surfaces® – CCS®. This milling method removes or reduces the need for polishing.
  • Michael Lundbech A/S is the only one in the world who can perform the Clean Cut Surfaces® milling method.​

We have the latest injection moulding machines of the highest quality, equipped so that you can attain whichever function you wish​.

​Is high delivery security important to you?

  • Our management and quality control system ensure innovative access to projects, as well as high-quality delivery and competitiveness.
  • Skilled toolmakers service the tools and thereby ensure stable production.
  • Our work process includes systematic evaluation of ongoing production. This, combined with inspection, ensures a high level of quality.

​ML Tool System (Flexible tool system)

Flexible tool system

Michael Lundbech A/S supplies complete tools for injection moulding plastic, design components in our ML Tool System, prototypes in production quality and serial production.

Our solutions are divided into three categories tailored for each stage of the development process:

Soft Tool Prototype

  • is the fast path to an injection moulding prototype.

Hard Tool Prototype

  • is the direct path to a functional product and an optimal production tool.

Pre-Production Tool / Production Tool

  • entails no development limitations and comprises a solidbasis for an optimized, high-volume tool or production stability.​


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DK-4100 Ringsted

Tlf.: +45 57 61 09 64

Fax: +45 57 61 09 84

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