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​Production Tools

No construction limits and a solid basis for an optimal production tool

Part optimisation

Part optimisation is carried out with a focus on attaining the best possible moulding process and durable tool components. Our creativity guarantees that we will find many opportunities for solutions and optimisation. This increases the probability of an optimal article, where functionality, design and manufacturability come together at a high level.

No limit

With a complete tool there are no limits to inlet-position and type – or principles of mould removal.

Tolerances and degree of detailing

Our advanced production equipment guarantees the finest tolerances in the shaping components and with the right materials we can achieve a high degree of detailing.

Polished surfaces

With the right types of steel we can obtain surfaces of the highest quality. We are very experienced in high-speed milled surfaces that appear polished and that are a good starting point for highly polished surfaces We also have experience with and machinery for repairing even surfaces, and finally we are capable of doing spark polishing.

Production of prototypes

With a complete tool we guarantee that long component durability and optimal process parameters can be attained. The tool is your property and can be moved for production to other places.

Know-how output

A large amount of valuable information becomes available to us, e.g. knowledge of time cycle, throw of the article and mould parameters. All information is available to you.

Know-how transfer

It is important that knowledge is not be lost when we have worked intensely on an article and acquired detailed knowledge of the whole process. You can use us as consultants for the construction of production tools or in negotiations with producers.

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