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Competent advise focusing on giving the best possible value during the prototype phase


Take advantage of our experience and thorough knowledge of all the essential elements surrounding an injection-moulded plastic project. Starting with the plastic article under consideration, we provide advice on the full range of options in order to gain as much knowledge as possible from the prototype phase. We focus on product aspects that require optimisation – including factors such as available time and economic conditions. Our creativity ensures that we will find many possibilities for optimisation and solutions.


The main focus is always production security and an optimal moulding process. Depending on the functionality and design of the product as well as the quantities it has to produce over time, the optimisation will be directed towards the volume of raw material, throw, flow, strength, division lines, place of intake and type. It is also possible for us to include a flow simulation in order to make sure that the optimisations have the desired effect on the moulding process.

Tool design

Design of the tool components often follows closely together with the product optimisations. During the optimisation process, dividing lines and intake geometry are formed, which are reflected in to the tool design.​

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​Michael Lundbech


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